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Dear covert hypnosis student,

you have just stumbled upon a powerful free resource that will help you become a master persuader, which will get you to have better relationships, make more money and hopefully make this world a better place.

After you’ve read through this site, gone through the newsletter and done all the exercises, you will be able to secretly hypnotize anyone, during normal conversation and within just a few minutes or with as little as a few gestures, if you so wish.
Yes, this is real. And I’m spilling the beans on covert and conversational hypnosis on this site not just because I want more people to know it, but also to learn even more through teaching it. And, of course, to make some passive money while I do it.

The techniques described on this website aren’t meant for reckless manipulation because they are extremely powerful and, if you misuse them, can cause serious consequences to your subjects.


Why Is Covert Hypnosis So Powerful?

Covert hypnosis, which is also frequently referred to as conversational hypnosis, is a set of various techniques that are designed to influence and have a powerful impact directly on the unconscious mind of the subject(s).

This is why it’s virtually undetectable and a skilful practitioner can achieve unimaginable and almost instant changes to the person’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns and behavior.

When used for persuasion, it can have extremely positive effects on the practitioner and the subject(s), but when used for manipulation, it can have horrible consequences for the subject(s) and in turn also for the one who used manipulation to achieve a certain unjust goal.

What Is The Difference Between Persuasion And Manipulation?

hypnotist with a swinging pocket watch

Whether you use covert hypnosis for persuasion or manipulation is dependent on YOUR intent.

Like one of the great persuaders I studied, Dave Lakhani, so eloquently put it…

… The difference between persuasion and manipulation is intent.

Just like guns on them own don’t kill people, powerful persuasion techniques don’t in and of themselves cause harm. It’s how and why you use them.

If your intent is to persuade, which we’ll define as “to move a person toward a mutually beneficial outcome”, then the skills were well used.

But if your intent is to manipulate, which means to get the person to do something to his or her detriment, then the skills were poorly used.

However, even though most people when they start the journey of the study of persuasion techniques have mostly selfish reasons in mind, pretty soon they realize there’s much more fulfilment in working towards a mutually beneficial world.

Covert Hypnosis Gives You More Control Over Your Life And Thus Makes You Happier

Many studies have revealed that the more a person thinks he or she is in control of his or her life, the happier he or she is.

The better you get in covert hypnosis, the more predictable your interactions with people will be and the more control you’ll have in your life. Besides, studying covert hypnosis invariably leads to successful attempts to improve other areas of your life.

Learning the covert hypnosis skills will:

  • Hypnotizing WatchGive you more confidence
  • Allow you to get in and hold better relationships with people
  • Help you make much more money
  • Give you the skills required to deal with your own personal issues
  • Help you lead a richer, more fulfilling life
  • Get you in a position to help other people with their issues
  • Exponentially increase your chances of becoming a leader of people close to you or even to lead others
  • and much more

So, Are You Ready To Be At Cause And Not At Effect Of Your Life?

You know the saying:

There are people that don’t know what happens, there are people that know what happens, and then there people that make things happen.

After you’re done studying and implementing covert hypnosis, you’ll be one of the rare people that pulls the strings of people that make things happen.

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OK, I Got It, How Does All Of This Work?

Very simple… On this site you’ll find tons of information on covet hypnosis. Make sure you bookmark it.

On the left side of this website (or on top in the middle for mobile users) there’s a little black square with three white lines on it.

When you click on it, a menu will open and you’ll be able to choose your level:

In each level you’ll get the explanations of the level-appropriate techniques, special exercises and drills to perfect each skill.

The skills build on each other, so I suggest you start at the beginning because if you start at a too advanced level, you’ll most likely get confused and be in danger of quitting before getting the techniques down.

I talk about this in the 7 Mistakes People Make In Covert Hypnosis (part 1) and also the other mistakes you’ll be able to read in later posts (you can find a link to the previous and next post at the very bottom of each post).

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Have fun discovering the secrets of the unconscious mind and the art of covert hypnosis.

P.S. Will You Do Me A Small Favor?

Read through this page carefully if you haven’t already because it is designed to open up your mind and help you begin learning the skills of the most powerful persuaders in the world.

Soon you’ll see that covert hypnosis will change your life for the better. I promise.