7 Mistakes People Make In Covert Hypnosis (part 1)

Covert hypnosis is my passion and I have been studying it for a long time now.

But… I didn’t use it in everyday situations a full year after I first started learning it.

And this was a big mistake because I lost a full year of practice, which is what actually makes you good in covert hypnosis (like with every skill).

Over the years of using and teaching covert hypnosis, I discovered that most people do seven common mistakes when they are learning it and I wanted to share them with you to improve your learning curve…

Mistake #1: Failing To Use Covert Hypnosis At All

This is the most common mistake I see people do and it was also the one I struggled with for more than a year. I managed to distil three main reasons people don’t immediately begin using covert hypnosis…

Fear of getting caught

This is a big one and almost everyone I ever taught had this fear (except for three of my friends that immediately started using it and are now extremely well versed in persuasion!).

A slight problem with overcoming this fear is that you have to have some experience to notice it’s really a stupid fear and in hindsight, when you use covert hypnosis for some time, you notice that in 99.9% of situations people never call you on it and in the 0.1% when they do, the vast majority laughs and some simply say: “Don’t try that psychological B.S. on me.”

I have yet to have someone be angry with me for using covert hypnosis. The worst case scenario that happened to me was when I was learning a new spatial anchoring technique and I used it on my girlfriend at the time, whom I told I was studying covert hypnosis and also taught her most of the techniques. She simply mimicked my gestures back at me while saying: “Blah, blah, blah”. This was actually the worst response I got when I got caught.

One of my friends I mentioned earlier (the one that started to immediately use covert hypnosis), after I told him about subtle gesturing and suggestive language, actually went to a group of girls that were with us and did everything so obviously that I was afraid he’d get caught and that the girls would hate him.

But what happened was quite the opposite. They were laughing their butts off. What’s more, they actually thought he was one of the most interesting guys they’ve seen in a long time – and they knew him for years.

All he did was to say: “Hey girls, can I ask you a question? You know when you meet someone really interesting. I mean so interesting, that you begin to listen to every word…. so riveting that you can vividly imagine everything he says (obviously pointing to himself) and can begin to feel that excitement in your body when you’re with this person (again obviously pointing to himself)… How do you know you want to know more about this person (again very obviously pointing to himself), is it a feeling in your body, an emotion, a thought process or any combination of these things?”

They started to laugh after the second time he pointed to himself and they actually answered his question. They were touching him, looking at him a certain way and laughing. And he was so obvious I was 100% they would catch him and tell him to go away.

No! They caught him but went along with it anyway. It worked regardless of their noticing what he was doing. Of course he had a fun attitude and was relaxed but the bottom line is: They won’t catch you and even if they do, they’ll go along and/or laugh. It’s all in your attitude.

Wanting to have a perfect understanding of each and every technique developed to date before going out there

This is another big problem beginners face and it invariably results in information overload, which confuses them and leads them to not use covert hypnosis in everyday situations.

This is also a trap I fell into but in the end I learned that it’s the basic techniques that bring immediate results and that it’s better to simply try each technique out in the real world several times before going to the next. Sometimes I’d use one technique for a few days or even for a week before going on to the next.

The key is to use it in as many situations as possible. Mastering one technique before going for the next one will vastly improve your learning curve and will keep you from information overload.

Not thinking they deserve to use powerful techniques to get people to do things for them

If you fall into this category, you should ask yourself two questions…

  1. Who and why then DOES deserve to use these skills?

The thing is that if you don’t allow yourself to live the life you want, no one else will.And rest assured that much worse and corrupt people than you, gladly use these skills to manipulate masses of people to do their bidding.

At least you know you’ll use these skills for persuasion and not manipulation.The difference is in intent. With persuasion both parties are better off, with manipulation only the manipulator is better off, the other party is either in a neutral or, more commonly, in a worse position than before.

  1. In all honesty, have you ever tried to use something to try to persuade someone else to do what you wanted?

You have to admit you sometimes use certain techniques to try to persuade people to do something you want. Maybe you buy them dinner, you dress nice for them, you compliment them on something, you’re extra nice to them or you simply ask them (which is, by the way, a powerful technique in and of itself).

If you did any of these things, you’ve already tried to persuade people. Why not do it in a way that’s much more likely to bring results? The reality is that you DO deserve to use covert hypnosis and not only that… you SHOULD use it always because it will save you a lot of time trying to convince people that you could have to spend in a much more productive way.

Hopefully you’ll now more easily use covert hypnosis in everyday situations. Remember, begin slow and simple and build up the complexity when you develop more and more skill.

Enjoy your study of covert hypnosis!