7 Mistakes People Make In Covert Hypnosis (part 6)

This one is for everyone that wants to know “The most powerful” covert hypnosis technique. Soon you’ll see that learning that particular technique or set of techniques will still make you a lesser persuader than the one that learns all the others and uses them together, without ever even trying “the most powerful” techniques…

There are some stand-alone covert hypnosis techniques that have a powerful and immediate impact and can in many, if not most cases, produce instant results.

But, covert hypnosis isn’t about theatrics, it’s about getting what you want from people.

And you can consistently get it only if you adapt to the needs of your subjects…

Everyone you talk to is somewhat different. There are some broad personality types, but to deliver your persuasive message just right every time, you’ll have to employ many, if not most of the covert hypnosis techniques and strategies.

Mistake #6: Thinking Of Going From Zero To The Level Of Derren Brown With A Few Secret Techniques

I get this a lot… people write to me and say: “I want to be able to do what Derren Brown does in this or that YouTube video”.

First off, if you don’t know who Derren Brown is, he’s a popular British mentalist and illusionist that performs mostly “psychological tricks” on people.

His performances are extremely impressive and he’s really very good at what he does…

Here are, among persuaders, two of his most popular videos on YouTube (very amusing):

But… what most people don’t realize is that first and foremost, he’s an illusionist and a mentalist.

Both of these arts (or sciences) focus on one thing… creating an illusion of something incredible or meaningful happening through manipulation of audience’s attention and perception, as well as through utilizing the findings about human nature and behavior.

In other words, for most of the effects he produces in his shows there’s much, much more than meets the eye.

In the first video, he’s using an actual psychological trick that can actually work, but be careful if you’re doing it to strangers as you can get a very bad reaction once you inevitably get discovered (sooner or later by everyone, like in the video here where the man realized what happened a few seconds after Derren left).

I’m afraid that the second video uses nothing more than a cleverly designed illusion – for the viewers. Most probably he gave the sellers real money underneath the blank paper and attached a note “PLEASE PLAY ALONG AND TAKE THE BLANK PAPER”. Maybe someone else who was in his team was in before and paid the sellers or something like that.

The hot dog guy was a diversion for the viewers. He really only gave him the blank paper and obviously got discovered. This was for our (viewer’s) benefit. He also did the least elaborate “pattern” on the hot dog guy so we’d assume this was why the technique didn’t work and not because he didn’t secretly give him real money and a note. There are also other variations, but this is the simplest one.

You can also try it yourself to amuse your friends. Have a note ready that says something like “PLEASE PLAY ALONG WHEN I CALL YOU… I’M TRICKING MY FRIENDS. THE MONEY IS ALL THERE + A TIP FOR YOU :)” and attach the amount you’ll have to pay plus a nice tip. Then secretly slip it to the waiter or waitress before you’re all ready to go and then call him or her. The rest is simple, do a “confusion technique”, slip in some suggestions like Derren did and give the waiter blank paper. To everybody’s surprise, he or she will gladly accept the blank paper and you’ll all be able to leave the restaurant or bar…

All this isn’t to say that Derren is not a good persuader or hypnotist. I believe he’s great and very knowledgeable in these fields and sometimes he does get the results solely based on that.

But mostly it’s an illusion, a magic trick sugar coated with NLP language patterns, subliminal suggestion, hypnosis and so on.

He also has another ace up his sleeve… many re-takes (unless he’s in a live performance show, which is obviously rehearsed to perfection).

So, before you begin using handshake inductions, embedded commands, language patterns, confusion, subliminal suggestions and so on on the people you want to persuade, let me stop you right there…

Unfortunately you’ll have to do some work on the basics first. Only after you’ve mastered those, you’ll be able to really successfully use the more “theatrical” ways to persuade.

But, on the bright side, while the concepts seem hard at first, they come with many examples and with some training and reading you can master them relatively quickly.

With a good mentor you be well on your way in a week.

For mastery you’ll need years of constant training but you will already be very effective after only a month or two of dedicated study and foremost – practice!

Enjoy your study of covert hypnosis.