Covert Hypnosis Dynamics: Bad Example 1

In the previous post we saw that covert hypnosis was dynamic and we looked at some of the basic rules of using it.

Now, we’ll look at some of specific examples of conversational hypnosis usage in the real world.

First, let’s start with a few bad examples. We’ll discuss the first one in this post and another in the next. Then we’ll look at some good examples of using covert hypnosis that worked very well in the real world.

The example is graphically shown below…

Covert Hypnosis Dynamics Example

Here’s What Went Wrong In The Above Example

Even though I did get attention, I skipped the next two crucial parts of conversation, rapport and captivation.

Remember, none of the two has to be very deep to work, but here I had absolutely none. I just jumped into the language pattern that was actually legit and could work perfectly, had I gone through the proper steps.

I had the right tonality, I used descriptive language, I added inflections and was into the feeling I was trying to convey to her and have her experience. I even used punctuation ambiguity (“… make you happy to be herewith me, that’s how it works“).

But, besides rapport and captivation, what I also didn’t have was the correct timing and an appropriate context.

If I had rapport and captivation, the latter two wouldn’t matter much, but since I didn’t have the former, it was just plain weird.

To top it all off, the club we were in was known for heavy drug usage (especially the drug ecstasy that makes people very fond of other people and also potentiates pleasurable feelings).

No wonder her response was the way that it was.

Later that evening, though, I gained courage to try the same pattern again. But this time I did it differently…

I approached a cute girl that was standing alone near the dance floor and didn’t engage her but just came close and begun to groove to the beat in the same way she did.

When she noticed it, she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and we did some funny dance moves together. We laughed.

When I saw we were in rapport, I leaned towards her and did the same language pattern on her as I did on the previous girl.

She agreed, turned towards me, introduced herself and we had a pleasant short conversation until her friend came, demanded she danced with her and took her away.

I was at the very beginning of the whole “game” back then so I didn’t know how to handle this situation very well (or at all), so I let her go. We exchanged a lot of looks and smiles over the next few minutes but I didn’t pursue her further.

I was happy with my result and glad I didn’t throw in the towel the first time I failed.

In the next post we’ll look at another example of covert hypnosis gone bad…