Important Things You Should Know For Life

Hi, covert hypnosis enthusiast,

I have some very important pointers for you that will help you in life. I’ve read a lot about these things but it took me quite a long time to really “get it”, it took me years before these simple yet powerful truths sank in and I begun to live my life the way I wanted.

Most things you learn on this web site are state-of-the-art. They work. Some are not so new, though, but are very important.

I call these simple yet elusive truths “Revelations”. Once you know them and begin living your life according to them, you will see a huge increase in happiness, great interactions and success in general.

So, take a few minutes to read these important pointers for a great and successful life.


1.) YOU and only you are responsible for what’s going on in your life. With a very small exception of “higher force intervention”, you are responsible for all your relationships and all your actions. It’s all you and no one else. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll lead a rich, fulfilling and happy life.

Being “at CAUSE” of your life is one of the best things that can happen to you. Most people are “at effect” of their life. They blame everybody else for “what’s happening to them”.

The PRESENT YOU is the result of your past decisions, actions and experiences. The FUTURE YOU will be the result of your past decisions, actions and experiences, which includes those decisions, actions and experiences you’ll do and have from this moment forward.

“YOU” is a very fluid concept. Remember this because it also holds true for everybody else. You think you know yourself but you don’t. I don’t know myself the way I think I do. Never think “I’d never do that” because you don’t know that. It’s all context-dependent. Never believe anyone that says he/she would never do something. They have no idea. But you don’t either.

2.) Your FEELINGS and EMOTIONS are the motivating force of your life… but they are sometimes extremely rigid and they were around way before conscious thought and logical decision-making. They are meant to keep you alive and they are still responsible for almost every decision you make.

This also goes for the vast majority of other people. It also holds true for me. It’s important to realize that this is going on. It doesn’t mean you have to become a robot. You couldn’t, even if you tried. The important part is to realize this and sometimes, when appropriate, re-evaluate some decisions consciously and logically.

Also, it’s important to train your feelings and emotions to start working FOR you instead of against you. You’ll learn the techniques necessary to do this on this web site.

3.) People make initial JUDGEMENTS about you almost instantly. These judgements are what determines your future interactions with these people. These judgements are based on how you present yourself to them (how they experience you at the moment) and NOT on who you really (think you) are!

These judgements form a “filter” through which they view you and all your actions will be tailored in their mind to fit their view on you!

First impressions are extremely important. However, not all is lost if you make a bad first impression. You’ll just have to do some work to change it but why give yourself extra work if you can simply create a great first impression and then
work on other more important things?!

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